Saturday, September 24, 2011

...we interupt sss...

to bring you this update...
after about 6 hours.
it moved from near the window
that it hit.
to the railing edge.
after about 8 hours... 
it flew to the fence rail. 
and there it sat for a while longer.
until it flew a few branches up.
into the covering of the tree leaves.
i will stop worrying about it for now.
and hopefully i won't see it.
but hear it again tomorrow. 
and my heart will smile.
just BE.


A Wild Thing said...

Poor lil' feller, sure hope he makes a flight somewhere soon before the snows fly, he sure was a late bloomer.

Your shadows are just dreamy, enjoying bits of sunshine before it turns crisp and bright white. It never did get really warm today, but still enough for just a sweatshirt...I savor!!!

Have a great Sunday, I'll be there for the brew!

chubskulit said...

Those are gorgeous shots.

My shadow post,your comment will be highly appreciated.

Spadoman said...

Great photos, and a fascinating story. It asked me to be a bird for a while. I imagined what was going on in those lapses of time. Recovery from a nasty window hit. I want to sit with this bird for a while longer and know that it is okay.