Saturday, June 25, 2011

...of exhilaration and fear...

we all tend to speak approvingly
or erring on the side of caution-
especially when we're
acting not just for ourselves
but collectively for others
(our family, our community, our fellow employees).
however, there are times when it's right
to embark on ventures,
that will challenge us profoundly.
you'll know such turning points
when you encounter them-
probably from their
special chemistry
of exhilaration and fear.
~1,001 ways to live in the moment

it is a sunny,
lovely day in michigan.
and i have no pressing place to be.
the rocker.
is calling me.
to come sit for a bit.
i have missed it.
i have missed visiting my friends in shadow land too.
i will be there to visit some time this weekend.
i have been enjoying the moments.
but i think i may have been
holding my breath at times.
i am letting my breath out.
and i am going to my
with my coffee.
to breathe.
just BE.


Sylvia K said...

Lovely shadows and wise and beautiful words as always and, as always, a lovely way to begin my day! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Robin!


Ralph said...

That is a cool shadow. Like in our lives, we fear the abyss. Yet change is necessary for our growth and happiness. So we should not fear the many shadows, like in a tunnel - we see the light of our destination eventually...

EG Wow said...

Sometimes it incredibly wonderful to jut BE. Lovely shadows.

Cassie said...

Ahhh good. Sit Miss Robin. And then, rock on!! Happy SSS to you.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

Wow... I love every words and lines in your poem.

Your shadow is a one perfect crisp shot, that means? U had a lovely sunny day.

Happy SSS...

Arija said...

I love your plan for the day and only wish I could join you. A rocker, a cup of coffee and a friend on the porch for companion sitting,sounds just perfect and just to
BE . . .

Genie said...

What a lovely shadow you captured in this shot, and your words are so engaging. It is nice to let out the breath and head for the rocker. I have 3 of them...even one in the kitchen. I could not make it without them. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Genie

lisa said...

Sounds like a good place to be!
Wonderful photograph Robin.

Beverley Baird said...

Yes, to sit and rock, to be and to relax - a great way to spend a day! love your shadow shot for the week!

Jo Williams Photography said...

Love this picture the shadow is casting. Happy Sunday.

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

Never forget to breath ;) Love the shot and all the words...theirs and yours. Happy Sunday and happy rocking!

Hey Harriet said...

Hope you've been enjoying your rocker and your coffee this weekend. After a few hectic weekends we really appreciate the quiet ones. Well I know I do! Have a grea week Robin :)

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

So glad that you can sit and relax...and stop holding your breath!! The party looks like it was great - love how you put the pictures on that window frame (I'm all about looking to see what people to about graduations, even though it's 3 years will fly!) Absolutely LOVE the pictures of that precious baby above...those eyelashes - wow!
It looks like you are taking the summer one cup of coffee at a time :) Enjoy your week!