Sunday, December 12, 2010


as you can see.
winter has arrived.
and it is still coming.
this started about seven o'clock last night.
winter storm warning right now.
the white stuff is coming down
pretty steadily.
doesn't seem like it will let up anytime soon!!
comfort food today.
scalloped potatoes and ham?
i am inside with my coffee.

this book.
i have had.
i am guessing.
since second grade.
and i say that.
because it's 5th printing was 1972.
i was a second grader in 1972.
i love that i signed it.
my middle name is ann.
i wrote "and".
like i've connected my first name.
with my last.
what great little glimpses.
into the past.
this is a book about wishing.
a series of wishes from a little girl.
and a doll.
the wishes brought them together in the end.
"if i had not wished." says holly.
Christmas is nearing.
and i find myself wishing.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


The Clip Cafe said...

I just love snow pics - want to see some real snow!!! One day.... :-) Ps please vote for me in a photo comp I am a finalist - YAY!!!

mollygolver said...

Your snow pics are lovely! I love the one of the little bird perched on the post.

Enchanted Moments said...

That dear little wonder how on earth they stay warm...Suzanne., over here in Australia....( I have NEVER seen or touched snow...)xx

Anonymous said...

Awesome how you captured the bird shaking off the snow!

Fotobloggen 2010 said...

greast series of photos from the misty snowy ones over the nice one with the bird sitting on a ploe to those with an old book

LauraX said...

such beautiful images Robin...AND the part of connecting yourself to yourself...that is priceless....wise even as a 2nd grader!!!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Even though it's sure feels like Christmas ~ we guess that we prefer it to a green Christmas :) Love your pictures of the snow coming down - it was a doozy, wasn't it?! Cute signature...we were wondering about that "and" - what fun to remember things from childhood - but then again, Christmas is our favorite time to do that!
Enjoy the rest of your week Robin!
Karla & Karrie