Sunday, October 31, 2010


every day.
you should be proud.
to be a parent.
some days.
you are prouder than most.
participated in locks of love this week.
she is a beautiful spirit.
a caring heart.
one who would not think twice about.
my eyes are brimmed with tears of pride.
my heart is swelling with love for this selfless act.
this week.
made me want to go out and
be in-the-moment.
i spoke of yesterday.
i stood under that tree.
i watched the leaves falling.
i chased my leaf.
it was laughing,
deep from the belly laughing.
chasing the leaves
as they twirled in the wind.
and went in the opposite direction.
from where you started.
it was a good release.
i caught my leaf.
i made my wish.
life IS good.
HE is great.
we are blessed.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Anonymous said...

I've just googled locks of love I have tears in my eyes. What a wonderful thing to do, no wonder you are proud of her!!!

sarayutouched said...

anne~thanks for stopping by. nine girls participated in this on monday. they had an assembly at school. there are several facility member dealing with cancer and a favorite track coach just passed away from cancer. it was a great coming together of the teachers and student body. very proud of our school and the salon that participated in the locks of love.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Lovely....we'll join you in being thankful for all of our blessings as well:)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

like hair shorn
leaves fall to the ground
cut loose

deb did it said...

Sarah is so beautiful, inside and out! Just like Mom! ( apples don't fall too far from their trees, ya know!)