Sunday, August 22, 2010


arden max engler
april 12, 1924-september 28 1977
he came to her-
my mom
in a dream in 1996.
he said to her...
i am not dead.
i did not die.
i will live forever.
and she believed him.
this sampler.
one of many that she has worked
is for him.

do not stand at
my grave and weep
i am not there
i do not sleep
i am a thousand
winds that blow
i am the sunlight
on ripened grain
i am the diamond
glints of snow
i am the gentle
autumn rain
do not stand at
my grave and cry
i am not there
i did not die.
~Mary Elizabeth Frye
he was too young.
which made me too young.
but i remember.
his pipe.
his eyes that always sparkled.
his laugh.
his white socks.
the way he bent his toes
at the sight of you pretending
you might tickle his feet.
his lunch box.
his thermos for coffee.
and when i close my eyes.
and sit in stillness.
i can see all those things.
and i remember.
thank you tammy,
for posting this picture to fb.
i have never seen it.
it is the most beautiful picture...
of a great, great man.
who left us too early.
but who we will see again.
welcome to coffee hour.
welcome to this Sunday morning.
just BE.


Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

G´day S,
That's an awesome monochrome shot! Love his smile §;-)

I love your header, so neat & with class.


joanne said...

oh I have loved that poem since I was a teenager, after my grandma died we had it posted on our kitchen bulletin board for the longest time.

What a beautiful treasure to have found a photo like this you have never seen before. The pipe, the sparkle, the life... it's there.

The sampler is gorgeous. The love... it's always here.

lisa said...