Saturday, February 6, 2010

...thinking and doing...

decision making,
for many,
is a fraught process.
between the decision and its execution
is a slot in time
through which the voices of anxiety and regret
often make themselves heard.
let action flow naturally from your resolve,
without a break.
or if there's a waiting period
before you can actually embark
on what you've chosen to do,
use it to affirm your trust in yourself.
keep those mischievous,
undermining energies at bay:
they have no right of admission.
~1,001 ways to live in the moment
it is
a beautiful thing
to be gently nudged
awake by a sunbeam.
the streams of light
fill my room
warmth and light,
tho only 11 degrees...makes
for the start of
a great day.
so little, makes my heart swell with hope.
light + objects= shadows
i've captured some today...
so have they
trust in yourself...
just BE.


The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

A colander eclipse....beautiful Robin!

Catherine said...

lovely arty shots!!

Ralph said...

Every day we are alive is a wonderful day - and if the sun is peeing through the window, it is fabulous! And of course the strong southerly winter sun breeches the cold and allows shadows of beauty. A lovely perspective!

Sylvia K said...

What a creative capture! Love it! And I always love your words and the ones you choose to share that add a different dimension to your photo! Marvelous! Hope your weekend is going well!


Golden West said...

I like the wear on your colander - shows a lot of life lived.

Richie's 2ts Inspires said...

That's fun-tastic Robin and again with those beautiful words.

Make everything perfect here.

Hope you join the fun day at my place.


Serendipity said...

Very clever! I would never have thought that a colander would look this good!

Crafty Green Poet said...

very nice shadows,

Hot Fudge said...

Looking at your two images suddenly took me back to my childhood - lovely, warm memories. Thank you.

Sweet Repose said...

Girl, you never fail to tell me what I need...thanks lil' sister...the sun beams are calling me and Scratchy's names...looks like chase the ball is in order...stir up that winter poundage and blues...spring is on the way!

...and this is what I love about always gives way to spring...I saw huge flights of Canada geese yesterday...home again to lay eggs...YIPPEE!!!

Hey Tilda...I was thinking of you yesterday while cleaning my closet...I know, I know...I was just making space for all the woolies that I hope soon will be residing there...ha!

Have a great weekend girls!

Sam said...

Gosh! That was fun - I had quite a think there about what it could be! Very good shot!

Stine in Ontario said...

It took me a few minutes, but I finally figured out what your photo is of. Maybe I should spend more time in my kitchen. :)

Hey Harriet said...

Wow, what great photos! It took me a while to figure out what it was & I'm glad to read here that I wasn't the only one. Lovely! Wonderful words also. I often struggle with the coming together of the 'thinking' & 'doing' & spend so much time procrastinating prior to the doing that the doing sometimes just doesn't get done.

Thanks so much for your kind words. Enjoy your sunbeams xo

Paula Scott said...

What a beautiful capture!! And a wonderful sentiment of gratitude.

{S.T.U.F.F.} said...

{Luv} the texture of this shot!

...and the shadows...tremendous!

Carin said...

LOL such simple things and such great effects! At first I didn't see what it was but now I do and what a creative idea you had. Love the lines you write with your pictures. They are fantastic and often really make me think!

joanne said...

*long sigh...

just what i needed this morning... perfect words, lovely images...

happy sunday xo