Wednesday, September 23, 2009 this home...

in this home...
we do second chances
we do grace
we do real
we do mistakes
we do sorry's
we do loud really well
we do hugs
we do family
we do love.
i saw this on a site
and it was painted on a wall...
i am so sorry
i don't have the site...
but i loved the saying.
if you know who it belongs to,
please let me know
and i will credit them.
i know it was with
a bunch of orange
colored photos.
just BE.
here is the listing for an etsy shop that does the lettering with a description along with it. thanks time i lose my car keys (or my sanity) i'm calling you!!!! i remember the site i was on...the gal was showing her love for the color orange...


joanne said...

not sure if this etsy listing is where you saw it, but what wonderful words to put on a wall in the home of a family... i LOVE this... (and i love your beautiful photo too)...

hugs :)

here's the etsy link for you ...

joanne said...

haha... car keys i can help with... sanity is another thing altogether... but being insane together could be a lot of fun... :)